Nifty Posters is the cool little sibling of Nifty250 and came about from a love for print, travel, photography and wall art. Nifty Posters is a proudly South African business and we print all our wall art prints and posters in our studio in Stellenbosch.

We aim to focus on promoting South African designers, illustrators and photographers by giving them a platform to sell printed and framed wall art. 

Beautiful and inspiring artwork doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. You can make your space a little bit extra special by adding a piece of wall art that you have a connection with. Make your space a bit more you!

We ship wall art prints and frames throughout South Africa, no matter if you live in Cape Town, Joburg, Pofadder or Knysna, we will get your order to you via our preferred courier service provider. We charge a flat courier fee of R95 to anywhere in South Africa unless you spend R1500 or more, which will qualify you for FREE SHIPPING. 

Nifty Posters Stellenbosch, South Africa. | info@niftyposters.co.za

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